Friday, May 18, 2007

Hit the trails! (gently)

Today's e-mail from John McCleary at Anchorage Parks & Rec:

The trails are dry – almost!

The trails in Far North Bicentennial Park are drying faster than in past years which have resulted in the early opening trails in Far North Bicentennial Park and BLM Campbell Tract for this weekend. We caution riders that there are some isolated wet spots in low / shaded sections that we ask equestrians and mountain bike users to use care. There are two really bad spots on the east end of Mellen’s Way before the gas line and near S. Campbell Creek and on Black Bear just east of Moose Meadows Trail. Users should also use caution on Black Bear Trail between the junctions of Brown Bear and Moose Meadow where a large spruce tree has fallen across the trail approximately 2-3 ft above the trail. It is anticipated that the Kincaid Park trails will open early next week.

Have a safe trail day,


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