Thursday, February 7, 2008

Fund-raising update

We received the full amount of our request to the National Park Service, Challenge Cost Share Grant for $30,000! This money will pay for crews to do the hand-finish work on the trail system we're planning. The plan is to utilize a combination of Parks & Rec’s “Youth Employment in Parks” program (3 days of work) and the SAGA trail crew from Juneau (3 weeks of work). Thanks so much to Lisa Holzapfel with the National Park Service RTCA, our friends at Alaska Trails and Parks & Rec for their support!

Here’s the fund-raising tally thus far:

Alaska Trails Initiative Grant: $91,571*
Private contributions: $11,000
Arctic Bicycle Club donation: $2,000
REI Grant: $5,000
NPS, Challenge Cost Share: $30,000

TOTAL: $139,571

* We are waiting to hear a confirmation from the ORTAB board on whether we’ll actually get what they approved us for in the preliminary round.

We are also waiting to hear about the RTP grant from Alaska State Parks for $50,000. Also in the hopper is a grant from the American Hiking Society for $5,000, and Janice will be submitting an application for the Park Foundation for $40,000.

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