Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Illegal stunts damage FNBP

Renegade stunt builders started cutting trees and attempting to build a wooden, banked turn in Far North Bicentennial Park last fall. They also built a dirt jump, but didn't get far before the snow fell. The damage they caused is now emerging from the snow, and people are starting to complain to the Parks & Rec department.

One trail user went to this week's meeting of the Far North Bicentennial Park user group to show photos of the vandalism, and to express concern that it poses a hazard to other park users, especially since the unauthorized project resulted in holes that were later hidden by snow.

If you know who is involved, or if you are among those building the structures, please make it stop. Please disassemble and clean up the debris. Then find an area that may be suitable for building these kinds of features, make a plan, learn what it will take to build it. Contact Singletrack Advocates. Contact the Parks & Recreation Department. Get a permit and build some legal structures.

But don't step on the goodwill that has been built by others who have worked to get other user groups together so that we can have legal, sustainable, challenging singletrack right here in Anchorage.

Mountain bikers who are available to do volunteer work during National Trails Day on June 7 might consider offering to clean up this site.

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