Monday, June 16, 2008

Successful cleanup

Fourteen people showed up for the National Trails Day cleanup project in Far North Bicentennial Park.

We were hauling out wood that was used to build illegal structures in the park and filling in some holes. Work started the night before when two volunteers cut some wood into manageable chunks we could haul out easily with the bike trailers.

People removed nails, carried lumber by hand and used three trailers to get everything out to the road. We filled post holes and a hole that was created when the renegade trail builders were building a jump. We also tidied up a piece of trail that had a slightly banked turn built on it.

The project went pretty smoothly, and we were especially happy to have new volunteers with young, strong backs to haul and do lots of shoveling! Plus, having the three trailers was a great help.

So, thanks go out to the volunteers: wood cutters Greg & Tim K.; and the Saturday crew: Elizabeth, Bonnie, Oscar, Jeff, Mary, Laura, Ted, Kyle, Nik, Debbie, Carol, Brian and Jon. Well done!