Friday, July 11, 2008

Here we go!

It's actually happening folks. The blades about to hit the ground for construction of Anchorage's first true singletrack network designed and built specifically for mountain bikers!

Ground breaking begins on July 15th in the southeastern corner of the project area closest to the Prospect Heights trailhead.

The response to the recent fund drive has been excellent! We brought in $11,760, of which BP employees—taking advantage of the BP Fabric of America Fund—have thus far contributed $3,050! We also received an anonymous contribution through The Cody and Jennifer Gauer Giving Fund at the National Christian Foundation. These are examples of how individuals are able to leverage funds through their work places or to access funds through charities and foundations on our behalf.

Thank you to everyone who contributed and/or spread the word to friends and co-workers, encouraging them to pitch in and help us raise the money.


Anonymous said...

Where's the trail exactly?

Anonymous said...

Start from the Prospect Heights parking lot. Walk down the Gasline Trail toward Hilltop Ski Area. On the second knoll there is a sign marking the trail entrance.

Anonymous said...

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