Thursday, July 31, 2008

One step closer to new singletrack

Part of our 24-person crew.

Wednesday night’s work party on the new trail was a success, with a great turnout, dry weather and a bunch of tasks accomplished. The first three-mile loop has been roughed in, and it’s going to be a hoot to ride! (But please remember it’s not yet ready to ride. Give it some more time.)

Thanks to the 24 people who showed up and got their hands dirty, and thanks to Janice for providing the after-work refreshments. After letting the mechanized equipment work for a while, we’ll hold another work party Aug. 13 at 6:30 p.m. Make plans to come pitch in, and check out the new singletrack!

Two volunteers place temporary logs
to keep riders on the trail. After the main
tread is well-established and vegetation
returns to the trail edges, the logs will
rot away, be covered with weeds, or be removed.

Large, partially buried rocks will help
establish trail boundaries, control flow and speed,
and, in some cases, provide technical challenges.

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