Sunday, August 17, 2008

Please join us for our second
Hillside Singletrack Trails
Work Party!

Wednesday, August 20th, 6:30 p.m.
Meet at the Prospect Heights Parking Lot

Walk down the Gasline Trail and take a left at the project sign if you’re late.

Work Gloves
Progress Report:

Please keep in mind that the trails are not yet open to riding. There is still work being done on the trail.

Intermediate Trail—about 3 miles long thus far:
This trail is 2/3 finished. The Muni's youth crew did a great job over the 8 days they were on the job. About 3,000' of this trail is yet to be finished by a hand crew that will be onsite in September.
The intermediate trail is currently being seeded with native grasses. This will help define the tread, stabilize disturbed soil and encourage new growth. By leaf fall, this will look great. The 3,000' that will be finished by the hand crew next month has not yet been seeded. After freeze-up, that section will be covered with a "dormant seed" that will come up in the spring.

Advanced Trail—7,000’ roughed in thus far:
The excavator and Sweco are doing their best to provide more challenging features. Because of the lack of rocks, however, the trail designer is using topography to create challenges. There is one awesome boulder about 2.5' high that will be a great wheelie drop (there is also a chicken route around this). Last week the contractor was building a switchback that will provide some challenge. Although climbing turns might be preferable for sustainability, this area seemed better suited to a tighter turn.

Thank you to everyone for cooling your knobbies and not riding the trail while we continue with construction. STA tuned for more updates.

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