Saturday, October 18, 2008

Clearing the trails

Today's work party cleared more trees from the new trail system. It's always impressive what a few volunteers can do in a few hourse (especially with a chain saw). Thanks to all the folks who came out and took on this mess:

One of the more impressive tangles involved several trees that completely buried a switchback.

Deep into the cutting of timber and tossing of debris.

Almost there.

Ready to ride.

"Fifteen minutes ago," Mike said, "We didn't know where this trail was."

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Frank MurCOWski said...

Way to come together folks! Agreed it is amzing the amount of work 15 folks can get down in 2 hrs.

Just want to plant a seed within the group....
I'm wondering if STA can direct their efforts towards improving Black Bear and Moose Meadow trails next summer? They are very core trails connecting the east part of the park to the western portion. They are gettin loved to death, and of course the commercial equine usage didnt help. The puddles/mud holes on Moose Meadow are just getting deeper, same with Black Bear. I'd put Rovers in the same boat but I have a feeling its gonna be "closed" in the summers.