Friday, February 27, 2009

Phase II up for discussion

On Monday, March 2nd at 6:20 p.m. at the BLM Campbell Creek Science Center, Parks & Rec will unveil Round 2 of the FNBP Trails Improvement Plan. There are a lot of proposals on the table including ski trails, bridges, and Phase II of the Hillside Singletrack Project which is back on the map for discussion.

Those who want to see more singletrack should be diligent and keep those comments coming when appropriate. Emailed comments will be taken after March 2nd (see link below). The Trails Improvement Plan will go to the Parks & Rec Commission as an information item in April, and again in May for final approval.

It's also important that park users comment on the proposals because this plan will drive future development, maintenance of trails both wide and narrow, and also ensure the protection of valued areas in need of preservation.

The FNBP Draft Trail Improvements Plan will contain:
• Map of the proposed Trail Improvements Plan
• Existing and proposed trail classifications
• List of future trail projects
• Trail construction and maintenance guidelines

To obtain a copy of the draft plan, visit beginning the week of March 2.

Comments can be submitted via e-mail at fax at (907) 563-3953 or by writing to DOWL HKM,

Attn: Alison Lohrke, 4041 B Street, Anchorage, Alaska, 99503

Project Website:

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