Saturday, June 19, 2010

Trail tools

It's been a long quiet spell on the Singletrack Advocates blog site, but summer is here and we're back to keep you updated on happenings and trail projects.

There's a nice addition on the trails this summer, thanks to a brilliant idea from Alex Wilson and the handiwork of John Evingson—not to mention the donation of tools from REI.

When riding the the singletrack network we built on the Hillside two years ago, make a note of the trailside kiosks that have chain tools and hex wrenches attached to them. If you have a minor breakdown and lack your own tools, you can get yourself to one of the tool stations to make a repair.

Thanks to all the folks who made it happen.

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Bzy said...

Thanks guys! I was just on the trails yesterday and was ecstatic to see brand new tools at the kiosk. I'm looking forward to a great season on the hillside tracks.