Saturday, September 4, 2010

Buttheads and Bears

Sadly, the tools that were donated and attached to trailhead kiosks back in June proved too tempting for thieves. Someone recently cut through the cable that held a chain tool and hex wrenches to the kiosk at the bottom of Drone Lane, then they took off with the tools. If you break down on the trail and need tools, they are still available at the kiosk at the intersection of Janice's Jive and the Gasline.

Meanwhile, a brown bear sow has been active on the northern section of our trail network—she charged a runner earlier this week—so please be alert and make plenty of noise whenever you're on the trails.

With end-of-the summer vegetation reducing sight lines all over the Hillside, this is an especially good time to use your bear bells or a lot of singing, yelling, etc., to warn bears of your approach. And don't forget to carry your bear spray!

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