Sunday, May 8, 2011

Activities Update

Here is a brief update on our current activities.

Kincaid Singletrack Trails Project

Jon Underwood and Lee Bolling were laying out trail in Kincaid Park last week, and it's looking awesome! We will break ground on July 15. There will be opportunities for volunteers to help out, so announcements will be made for upcoming work parties.

Fundraising continues to complete the project this summer. To date we are $43,000 shy of reaching our goal. If you haven’t already donated, please give and give generously. Area bike shops are participating in our Round Up for Trails program: chip in a few dollars more at the register when you make your purchases. You will not be disappointed. If you have any individual or business contacts that might be generous with resources, please let us know about them—we will be happy to make presentations.

STA Off Muddy Trails … please!

It was very discouraging last week to see some two dozen sets of tire tracks rutting up the STA Trails. Please encourage folks to refrain from riding them until the ground is good and hard. Most of these people are unaware of the damage they are causing by riding the trails prematurely. Which brings us to …

National Trails Day!

We will have trail work parties on Saturday, June 4 on the STA Trails. There are some blown-out turns and rutted areas that need fixing. We’ll also be installing our new trailhead kiosk map!

Thanks for your support!

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