Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kincaid Singletrack Update

Greetings Singletrack Advocates,

We will get started on the Kincaid Singletrack Project on Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Here are a few details about the project.

  • Everyone will be curious about our progress on trail construction. Please hold your curiosity until we have trail work days to view the project. Jon and one employee are working with two pieces of heavy equipment and they probably won’t see you if you approach the work area. The Sweco in particular moves VERY quickly.
  • Please do not ride on the rough-cut trail! Doing so establishes a trail tread which might not be where we want it to go. Once the Sweco goes through the excavator fine tunes, and then a hand crew comes in to do the finishing touches. We had a problem with this when we built the Hillside Trails. People were actually ducking under the yellow tape and ignoring the “TRAIL CLOSED DUE TO CONSTRUCTION” signs. Again, PLEASE DO NOT RIDE ON THE UNFINISHED TRAIL!!!
  • We will have work parties starting late July to early August. These will be volunteer opportunities on Monday or Wednesday nights depending on the availability of crew leaders.
  • We are still raising money. We are about $13,000 shy of meeting our goal. We will still be able to do the project... just less of it if we don’t get to 100%
  • Be sure to “friend” us on Facebook to get current information on the status of the project and to be informed about work parties.

STA tuned for more updates!