Monday, December 3, 2012

Middle Fork Special-Use Permits

From Chugach State Park:

Fat Tire Winter Bikers,

Greetings from Chugach State Park. We have already started another winter of recreational activities and the following information clarifies where you can legally ride this winter.

As always the following trails are open year round by state regulation to biking:

11 AAC 20.050. Bicycles

(a) Except as provided in (b) of this section, the use of bicycles in Chugach State Park is allowed only in campgrounds, picnic areas, and in the following areas:

(1) Eklutna Lakeside Trail; (2) the gasline service road from Prospect Heights Trailhead to Indian Trailhead; (3) the Glen Alps Trail Head to Powerline Trail on the designated trail; (4) Bird Creek logging trails south of the Quartz Creek ford; (5) Peters Creek road from Malcom Drive to the state park motorized vehicle barrier; (6) Powerline Trail, including the access trail from the Prospect Heights Trailhead to the Powerline Trail; (7) Wolverine Bowl Trail from the Prospect Heights Trailhead to the overlook at the north end of the homestead roadbed; (8) Middle Fork Loop Trail from the intersection of the Near Point Trail to the south end of the homestead roadbed; (9) the 1D9 trail in the Eagle River Greenbelt; (10) a trail or area that is open to the use of snowmobiles under 11 AAC 20.040; (11) the South Fork Rim Trail, the Silver Fern Trail, the White Spruce Trail, and the Llama Trail of the Hillside Trail System; (12) the paved pathway along Turnagain Arm, from Indian Creek to the state park boundary at Girdwood. (b) The director may, by order, close a trail or area listed in (a) of this section to the use of bicycles to protect soils or vegetation; to reduce or eliminate user conflicts; or to further management of Chugach State Park. Closures under this section shall be posted at entrances to the affected trail or area.

This season (2012-13) the park will be issuing Special Use Permits that will enable winter fat tire bikers to ride on the Middle Fork Trail. The time permitted Fat Tire Bikes will be allowed on the Middle Fork trail will be December 1st to April 1st. The purpose of the special use permit is to allow for the park to try out new recreational activities in different areas and judge their impact on the resources.

To obtain a permit for the Middle Fork Trail you must email Include your name, address, and a good contact email. Within 4 business days, we will email you a permit that you need to affix to your bike so that it is visible and you are good to ride.

To distinguish between regular mountain bikes we have created a working definition for Fat Tire Bikes as follows. A Fat Tire Bike is defined as a self-propelled bicycle created for cycling on soft, unstable surfaces. The tire width is 3.5” or greater and tire pressure is less than 20 pounds per square inch ground pressure.

We ask that all winter riders observe permit requirements and park regulations.

Ride Safe,

Chugach State Park