Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Kincaid Singletrack Phase II

We're on our way to building Phase II of the Kincaid Park Singletrack! Last night the Sand Lake Community Council unanimously approved our proposal to build another six miles of trail, this time on the north side of Raspberry Road.
Proposed North Phase Kincaid Singletrack
Board member and project manager, Lee Bolling, gave a detailed presentation to the council and responded to residents' questions about moose, other wildlife and limits to park development.

Over a dozen Singletrack Advocates members and supporters attended, with some offering testimony and comments to counter some criticism. Maeve Nevins from Parks & Recreation was also there to offer support.

Next up: appear before the Parks & Recreation Commission.


Johaun Trimbleson said...

This is excellent!!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! If they get approved in a timely manner, any chance they will be ready around August?

David McFadden said...

hey guys and gals.. I'm a runner who is enthusiastic about and thankful for the single tracks in kincaid and a year around constant user of them in the early mornings.
I would like to suggest that converting the social trails to the single track mode definitly represents a degrading of the social trails for us foot oriented folks.

An example would be the present(snow free) use of the 'social' trail on the upper W side of little campbell lake. Even the small amount of bike traffic here results in the bike riders avoiding the roots across the trail and taking a ';below the tree' route that scrapes away the forest duff in quite a wide swath.

I can understand the desire for root free and "monza" like banked, bathtub "s" turns for those of you who want a higher speed experience.....

However; there are many of us who use the social trails specifically to get away from the "improved, graded ski highways.
The present version of the single tracks are definatly not the same as our existing narrow foot worn paths through the woods. We love the roots and obstructions and short steep sections... they are part and parcel of our outdoor experience.

While I applaud the single tracks I sure hope that you will respect the social trails that truly are people trails and not route the new single tracks along them thereby destroying them.

I note that your new North of Raspberry plans do ,include using significant sections of the "social" trails that are well used by us foot folk.. whether runners or hikers.

I would like to suggest that from the N end of the lake you cross over to the west side of the lake loop as soon as possible and avoid the social trails altogether.

In any case ... please don't presume that converting the social trails to single track does not impact other users.... maybe solicit some input outside your user group.

Please, oh please don't tell me you are too far along to revise or amend your new plan!

Your decisions and caterpillar work have major impact to many of us.

Dave McFadden