Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Kincaid North Project in Full Swing!

Monday's crew. Photo from Alaska Trails.
After months of planning, the second phase of Singletrack Advocates' Kincaid Park singletrack project is under way! STA project leaders and Ptarmigan Ptrails have been hard at work roughing in the singletrack for the past few weeks. They’ve made great progress on the north side of Raspberry road, and the first two volunteer sessions have put dozens of boots on the ground to do hand-finish work.

This is going to be fun!
Volunteer crews will be meeting on Mondays and Wednesdays from now through the end of summer to help complete the six new miles of trails. To help out, meet at the Raspberry Trailhead to sign in, receive a safety briefing and instructions for the evening. Tools are provided. We will be lopping roots, establishing drainage and shaping the tread into flowy trails, jumps and berms that you all love!

Long pants
Work gloves
Close-toed shoes
Eye protection
Bug dope
Rain gear

If you would like to schedule a work session for your business or club, please leave a message for us here. You can also follow our activities on Facebook.

In case you missed it, here's a story on the project from APRN. We'll see you on the trails!


Tilly said...

This is great!

Health And Safety Consultant Peterborough said...

All the best to those who are volunteering. Take safety precaution to the fullest and enjoy the work.

Thanks for sharing the news.
Arnold Brame